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Host Bernie Wolford interviews founders, owners, and operators of small businesses who have made it “out of the garage”, and are now clearly in the “acceleration phase” of their newly found success. Topics include bootstrapping, funding options, market penetration, first generation management and staff, and other issues that must be tackled and mastered at this phase of business formation. Companies providing services at this stage of business growth also appear as guests. Additionally, business persons who have successfully taken their growing businesses through this challenging stage appear to share their experiences with listeners.

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Henna Inam is the CEO of Transformational Leadership Inc., a company focused on helping women leaders transform their businesses, creating great innovation, engagement, and growth in their organizations and communities. As an Executive Coach and Consultant to organizations developing their female talent, Henna brings the General Management and Marketing expertise she gained from her 20 … [more]

Jennifer Whitaker, Founder Jennifer Whitaker is a Business Strategist and Executive Coach with a lifelong passion for helping people to discover their unique brilliance and reach their highest potential. With over 25 years of experience in a blend of counseling, management and ownership positions, Jennifer understands first-hand the unique dynamics of high-performing cultures. Using this … [more]

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